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Packing List

Packing List

Prerequisites: Having Products logged in the system.

Create new Packing List


To access this section click on Packing, then on View all on the left side menu.

Then click on the "Add New" button to create a new entry.

This page is divided in 2 sections: Packing List and Details.

On the packing list section we can add all the delivery data like ship from, ship to and bill to.

The Packing list number and Client Purchase order should be left empty.


On the details section we add the product data by clicking on the "Add product lot" button.

This opens a new window where we can enter the serial numbers for the finished pieces.

To add this we click on "Add new product".


Lower below on the details section we can enter product information like: Country, BCode, ECCN, ELicense, Gross Weight (kgs), Total Containers, etc.


Rev date: this field is to indicate when the document review was made to comply with the process's standards.


Packing List Name: indicates the name of the packing list.

Ref document: is the reference document which contains the boarding instructions.

Search Packing list

On the Packing List section click on the top of the list on the "Toggle Filtering" button to enable fields on the top of each column that can be used to search specific packing lists.


Edit Packing List

On the packing list locate the entry that we wish to edit and click on the "Manage" button.

This takes us to a page similar to the one for packing list creation, so we can follow the same steps to edit the entries in here.

Once we are happy with the changes we can click on the "Save" button to save them and go back to the previous page.