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Keep track of your Production Orders and Dominate your Product Life Cycle NOW!

Data to action in the manufacturing world

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Operoute Core

Generate real-time production data pertaining to your assets.



Plan your production in a fast and easy way and feed this to your shop floor to ensure timely delivery of your products.

Put together the work plan by week or month, taking into account resources such as machine, part, operator and shift



Introduce your Part Catalog

Introduce your Part Catalog to manage as well as its attributes for a transparent life cycle management.


Purchase Orders

Create and manage your Client Purchase Orders

Create and manage your Client Purchase Orders as well as list of parts/products to kick off a production process in the system.


Route Card

Operation guides to allow users to follow the appropriate and "approved" flow for the producton of your parts/products.


Configure operations including operation standards, work instructions, list of tools, etc. to associate with a Work Route.

Work Instructions

They are the detailed steps that form an operation

Operation Inputs

Data inputs by the user that can go into an operation.

Tool and Fixtures

Set up the list of specialized tools and fixtures to produce your work piece and hold it firmly inside the work machine.


Work Orders

Introduce your Part or Product Catalog

Allows users to track the flow of their part as they become a product including operations and results with a complete feedack system for Quality and Logistics.


Non conformance reports module linked to your operations that lead to a potential defect and with Root Cause Analysis functionality and work flow for resolution/sign off.


Create your Product based on a finished / machined part that will feed into your Packing Lists and complete the cycle.

Packing list

Product a complete packing list including your finished products following industry best practices.

And more


"Choose the pricing model that fits best for your needs at this point in time". You can switch at any moment

Operoute CoreBilling monthly
80Per User per monthAll features such as parts, work orders, purchase orders, route cards, packing lists
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