Rocket Docs


Our PLM Software solution helps manufacturing companies who want to better track their product in the shop floor by providing clear and concise data to users so they can follow the right and approved operating procedures and work instructions and visuals to feed into their work orders to further increase quality of what is being produced.

We unlike most PLM are industry specific and follow best practices and mechanisms for validation of work and follow through used by modern aerospace manufacturing companies today.

Main features

  • Parts: Manage the inventory for the materials that will be produced as well as their properties.
  • Purchase Orders: Capture and manage the receipts and exits of part orders.
  • Work orders: Capture and update the client's work orders.
  • Operations: Configure operations, including the lates operation standards, work instructions, Tooling list, etc that will be linked to the route cards.
  • Route Cards: These are "Operation Guides" to walk through the users on every part that will be worked on.
  • Tool & Fixtures: Create and manage tool and fixtures catalog.
  • Work Instructions: Create and manage work instructions to use in your operations.
  • Operation Inputs: Create and manage user entry sections to use in our operations.
  • Reports: NCR and other production reports.
  • Catalogs: Create and manage all other items related to your operations details.
  • Packing: Create and mange finished packing list slip for finished work orders.
  • Planning: Create schedules for your entire production cycle.
  • Admin: Create, delete, modify users, assign roles for better control and security. Also define workflows for your operation.