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Getting started

Getting started

Our PLM Software solution helps manufacturing companies who want to better track their product in the shop floor by providing clear and concise data to users regarding operating procedures and work instructions with visuals to feed into their work orders to further increase quality of what is being produced unlike existing software which is not targeting the specific needs of manufacturing companies especially in the aero and power turbine manufacturing and similar industries.

  1. Integration and visibility of events and production floor data enables more flexibility for suppliers to make workflow decisions.
  2. Calling Data to Action: Tailored information delivered from the platform needed for key decisions.
  3. Digital Shift: COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation of supply chains and manufacturers are moving 25 to 30 times faster at incorporating technology into their supply chains is of essence.

USA: There are around 12,000 aerospace manufacturing
companies including OEMs, Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers!

The best way to start is understanding the normal business flow:


The application is serverless (cloud hosted natively)

Cloud services:

Reduce your operation costs, this is SAAS product.

Using Modern Technology

Utilizing the latest technology and scalable architectures to a cloud environment
to reduce costs and increase computing power that disrupts the manufacturing
software space and compete with existing solution providers.


Parts/partPart catalog for production parts (edit, deactive as well)
Purchase Orders/purchaseorderGenerate purchase orders to initiate a production process
Route Cards/routecardRoute Cards are the heart of the process, they store the operations and instructions to follow according to the part and issue(type,etc)
Operations/operationCatalog of operations that can be linked to processes according to the part and route card.
Work Instructions/workinstructionCatalog of work instructions (visuals as well) that can be linked to processes according to the part and route card.
Work Orders/workorderWork Orders to start tracking your production processes and quality process as real time as possible with shopfloor operator input
QA (NCR)/ncrNon conformance reporting critical to improving your quality with RCA and sign off flows for your QA/QC teams to generate and track
Packing Lists/packinglistPacking list generation for shipping final product to client(s)
Production Planning/planningProduction Planning module feeding from your purchase order, operations and part data to improve your weekly/daily/shift planning

Third Party Integration Potential

API for 3d party integration to other apps:
EDI ( Purchase orders)
Logistics companies
ERPs/Accounting/Inventory software
MES systems leveraging PLC data

If you any comments or questions to help us improve please contact us or check out our social media sites for nore updates.